Tips for Choosing Animal Sacrifice Under Islamic Sharia

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No longer Islamic holidays come again. Is that…?  Feast of Sacrifice or Eid al-Adha. Is this the year you intend to sacrifice? For those who will sacrifice, it’s time for you to prepare animals to be sacrificed later. To choose a good sacrificial animals there are some Tips for Choosing Animal Sacrifice In accordance Shari’a so you will not be disappointed select animals to be sacrificed.

Surely sacrificial animals chosen are the best sacrificial animals with various predetermined criteria. In short sacrificial animals whatever criteria we want to slaughter must be healthy, strong and meaty. This is solely to demonstrate our seriousness in qurban. Then how do we choose the best sacrificial animals and the great Islamic Shari’a compliant? In general, there are two jual Sapi Kurban aspects of sacrificial animals should we look at,
if you are still confused as to what kind of sacrificial animals was, he tips to choose the Sacrifice of animals within their Shari’ah .:

Waxing Kambing

1). Age animal sacrifices

Select the sacrificial animals are old enough. Goat and Sheep criteria for standard age is 12 to 18 months. As for the cow or buffalo is 22 Months. How to tell the age of sacrificial animals is by observing the teeth Animals. If the milk teeth have been dated (two milk teeth at the front), it indicates that livestock (goats and sheep) have been aged about 12-18 months, while the teeth of cattle and buffaloes new date at the age of about 22 months. Please check before you buy from a breeder.

2). Health sacrificial animals

Sacrificial animal health covers several aspects as follows:

  1. Activities. When the movement is active at the approach that means the animal is healthy. Motion / free temperament, agile, strong, passionate, not lame, not agitated, and her appetite is good.
  2. Hair or fur smooth, shiny, do not fall, do not go bald, no standing, no discoloration, no infestation of skin parasites (ticks, mites, lice, and others).
  3. His eyes were shining and clear, fully open, the pupil reacts quickly, not out of water (exudates), not red (which also means not being bleeding), and mucous membranes of the eyelid in bright red. If found eyes beleken livestock and cloudy, it means being sick.
  4. Her form should be standard. Definition of standards for cattle and buffalo, relatively flat spine, horns balanced, four legs are symmetrical and his posture is ideal. Ideal posture is, for example, a combination of stomach, front and rear legs, head, and neck balanced.
  5. In addition, it can also be seen in the mouth. If the wet mouth saliva all so much out, or appear in the mouth there is a red rash, the animal would have to watch out, perhaps suffering from the disease. Also, as far as possible in order to avoid defects such as cattle that one part of the body is missing or damaged, for example horns broken door, a broken bone in his foot, lost his ears next, his eyes blind, and others. Choose cattle establishment attitude upright, sturdy, strong, and rests on four legs.
  6. The nose looks wet, clean, and do not remove the fluid. Mucous membranes of the nose bright red.
  7. Mouth and gums clean, do not drool, do not remove exudate, not open, and no patches of inflammation.
  8. Cracks nails clean, no injuries, no inflammation, no swelling.
  9. Her skin pliable / elastic, no thickening, no ulcers, no injuries.
  10. Base until the tail end of a clean, smooth, dry. Bushy tail feathers, clean and dry.
  11. Be careful in choosing the animal if it coincides with the rainy season. Because, in the rainy season cattle prone to diarrhea and intestinal worms. Typically in animals who worms her skin looks dull and thin body.
  12. Observe the crust, whether there are ulcers or infected skin. Animals that korengan signifies being a skin disease. Should be treated only once until healed and healthy. Because the animals are sick is certainly not the right animal for sacrifice.



Make sure the animal would you use as animal sacrifice is perfect and does not have disabilities.


Behavior of healthy animals agile, energetic and not sluggish. Do not choose a solitary sacrificial animals, listlessness and listless because it indicates that the symptoms of the animal is not healthy or sick.


If the sacrificial animals voracious appetite shows it is a sign that the animal is good.While the animals were seen no appetite, the possibility that they are experiencing health problems.


In the eyes of belekan not try a clean, healthy animal on the inside of his eyelids pink, if the inner petals pale yellow or should not be purchased. On the nose slightly wet but not muddy it was a sign of healthy animals. But if the animal looks just as cold and discharge from the nose excessively moreover there are symptoms of sneezing possibility that they are not in a condition that sehat.Hal last note is the state animal anus. If the animals seen around the anus dirty means no indication the animal had diarrhea. Note also the dirt that exist around the animal, if found true meaning watery feces of the animal and the animal had diarrhea should not you selected the more convincing you that you buy sacrificial animals should be accompanied by a veterinarian or animal health officials.

Such tips on choosing Animal sacrifices are good and healthy, we hope that no one chose to run this service.


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Know the Most Popular Waffle Assorted Originating from Different Countries

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Waffle is one food that is usually eaten for breakfast some communities in America and Europe. To make it not difficult, you just need flour, baking powder , eggs, and su su. Waffle served with various toppings , ranging from chocolate, nuts, honey, ice cream, and that is currently the trend is topping savory like chicken, mayonnaise, eggs, and others. You know, it turns every country have different shapes and flavors waffle, you know. To recognize this type of food one more Pergi Kuliner already Waffle Maker Reviews summarizes various waffle most popular in the entire world. Come see!

  1. Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles rectangular shape with a lighter texture and crisp. Initially Belgian waffles is just dusted with powdered sugar and without topping anything, but now the use of whipped cream , ice cream, and fruit has become a trend.

  1. American Waffles

In contrast with Belgian waffles , American waffles have a more thin but dense texture. Although solid, American waffles very easy to cut like a pancake. Extra toppings it does not vary much with Belgian waffles , namely with various creams, syrups, honey, and ice cream.

  1. Scandinavian Waffles

Waffle this one does have a very beautiful shape, the shape of a heart. Characteristic of Scandinavian waffles was thin printed in the shape of a heart. Display Scandinavian waffle usually enhanced with the addition of topping sugar or jam as well as a variety of fruits that should never be missed.

  1. Stroopwafels

Waffle from Holland was thin and crisp texture. Dough made of flour, butter, brown sugar, yeast, milk, and eggs. If the usual waffle topping, stroopwafels by stuffing. While still baked, stroopwafels split into two and filled with brown sugar, syrup, butter, and cinnamon and then glued together again into one.

  1. Gai Daan Tsai

Gai Daan Tsai alias Hongkong waffles  has a very unique shape. If the surface has generally waffle plaid, Hongkong waffles have a shape like an egg mold round stand so many who called him by the name of egg waffle . Hongkong waffles is already being sold in Indonesia and is becoming a trend because of its unique shape.

  1. Banh Kep La Dua

Waffle Vietnamese origin of this shape is similar to the Scandinavian waffles , but the green color that stands out makes it look different from most waffle. The green color is obtained from the leaves of pandanus so more fragrant aroma. Banh Kep La Dua did not use milk, but coconut milk so it felt very tasteful. Waffle this one is very popular in Vietnam culinary pavement.

Fish for health benefits

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Fish is a source of animal food was very good for the health of our bodies, many fish can we consume, such as tuna, fish, mackerel, tuna, snapper, mackerel, salmon and many others and everything is good for the body . you can try a variety of recipes fish dishes, such as steamed fish, grilled fish such as fish picture next to it , fried fish, fish soup, fish curry or shredded fish and all you can try it at home, like the Japanese who almost every food menu for sure containing fish and proved to the Japanese people have a brain that is smart and intelligent.the fish has been known since ancient times as a source of healthy food as part of the fish such as meat, oil and skins his very beneficial for health, because fish are often smelled fishy and prickly make people lazy to cook fish and most only eat fish once in a while, but as reported by regularly eat fish every day are very much beneficial for health as the review below.

Some of the benefits of fish for health:


  • Contain nutrients that are good for the body , for you who love eating the fish head is very good for the body because it gets additional iodine intake and help meet the needs of the thyroid in the body besides the fish also contains gelatin which is useful for maintaining digestive health.
  • Improve brain health , for children who are in a period of growth or for adults eat fish two times a week can help improve brain function, because fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids which is very good for improving brain health.
  • Lowers the risk of cancer , cancer is a horrible disease because it can result in death, with regularly consume animal foods such as fish is very good for preventing the occurrence of cancer such as cancer of the mouth, esophagus cancer, ovarian cancer, cancer of the intestine and cancer of the prostate.
  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease , Omega 3 content in fish is very good for lowering blood pressure and decrease blood clotting, and not least helpful to nourish the heart, therefore, diligently consuming the fish may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduce depression , the more the demands of life will be higher so that everyone often experience depression severe enough every day and if left unchecked, it can be detrimental to health, but do not worry you can fix this by eating fish, through studies that have been done turns out to consume fish routine will reduce the person suffering from depression.

Those are some benefits of fish for health so that we can more often than not eating fish because the benefits are tremendous for our bodies, may be useful. See previous article: Benefits of avocado for health

your own sun Just like your current center of the Solar System

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The sun Just like your current center sewa kamera jogja of a solar process : your sun is actually sole of a stars in the Milky Way The item provides your functionality and the all clicks role with the structure of a solar system. ones sun is segment of your solar technique It possesses your own size, mass, volume, temperature, as well as gravity of any greatest that this sun offers a great enormous influence on bendabenda space in addition circulating of approximately it.6

Sun possesses a diameter of approximately 1.392 million km, or even information on 109 times ones center line of earth. ones mass or even your own entire The stress is usually about 332,000 times your current The strain of a earth, the sum can be estimated for you to 1,300,000 times your current quantity of any earth, and the temperature on the surface is of around reached 5000 ° C, although your current temperature at the center of about 15 trillion ° C.

The temperature of your sun will be very high, Based on Dr. Bethe (1938) caused by a great nuclear reaction with the body of a sun. He conditioned your own opinion That inside a great state of heat as well as very high pressure, your own atoms with the body of the sun will certainly lose elektronelektronnya This later became your own core regarding atoms This move in various directions in an very high speed, and cause collisions antarinti atoms as well as destruction connected with most involving it\’s mass (mass defect), then transformed straight into heat energy and the emitted light in a variety of directions.
a. Structure of any Sun

1) your current atmosphere of an Sun
The sun’s atmosphere could be the outermost layer of an sun at the application regarding gas, consisting regarding only two layers: ones chromosphere and corona. Chromosphere would be the bottom layer of your solar atmosphere wrote involving tenuous gas This really is red having a thickness of approximately 10,000 km. your gas layer can be a layer of any most dynamic considering that the That often appears tonjolon shaped light radiating flame to a height associated with in excess of 200,000 km, called prominensa (protuberans).

The sun As ones center of the Solar System
Corona is the sun’s upper atmospheric layer consisting of the very tenuous gas in addition to bluish white as well as yellow, in addition to offers a great thickness involving thousands of kilometers. Chromosphere along with corona throughout normal Circumstances are unable to be visible through Earth with the lower levels of your bright light of your sun’s surface layer. your own solar atmosphere (chromosphere, corona, and also prominensa) is seen clearly if your sun circle enclosed from the circle moon during a total solar eclipse or even through observation that has a tool called koronagraf.

2) Photosphere Sun.
The solar photosphere is often a layer regarding silver-colored dots yellowish solid consisting of the high-temperature gas. with the solar photosphere seen virtually any spots or black spots around 300,000 km in diameter. there may be even a good diameter over ones diameter of an earth to be able to a good depth of approximately 800 km is actually called your own umbra. Regarding the umbra, there can be a lighter circle called the penumbra. Black stains to the sun like a complete tend to be called sun spots.

3) Barisfer (Inti your own Sun)
Sun’s core is usually area of a sun That is located almost all throughout diameter of about 500,000 km using a temperature level of approximately 15 zillion ° C. for the core involving your ongoing reaction The item results with the synthesis connected with hydrogen in helium to be able to carbon Equally your catalyst.
b. your movement of any Sun.

The sun can be not located within a great static state, but is usually always taking either individually as well as to be a dynamic system. Just like for the movement of an sun with broad outline consists of an sun’s rotation as well as revolution.
The sun would be the sun’s rotational movement all about a axis that will lasts about 25.5 days for the equator in addition to information on 27 days on the poles of the sun for a individual round.
Solar revolution is the movement of the sun in addition to it is members In regards to the galactic center of the Milky Way.
c. your role of any Sun for Life in Planet Earth

The sun can be a celestial body That possesses their own light. Therefore, the sun offers a good very ticks role, among others, to be a source involving light as well as heat to its planets around it, such as ones Earth, and so That may last your own life connected with humans, plants along with animals with Earth. Aside from as a source connected with heat along with light, ones sun has a good role as being a regulator of climate in addition to weather allowing intended for variations involving life at earth.

7 Tips with regard to Choosing ones right Wedding Ring  

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Moments of a wedding is a sacred moment cincin emas putih and is remembered for life. in a variety of preparations, You will need patience along with solidarity both partners considering that the a number of small details for the affairs of your wedding plans will certainly lead to disagreements and also led for you to a good argument.

Of the few factors That need to end up being prepared and also regarding wedding celebrations were Based on expectations, just like your own food list involving wedding rings.16

Choosing a good Wedding Ring

Choosing a good wedding ring can be not easy. Especially Whenever the wedding ring is very diverse ranging via materials, colors in addition to decoration as well as other new innovations.

Unlike Pick out jewelry inside general, choosing an wedding ring can be special since It requires patience will be concept for you to a great lifetime.

To a person and ones partner are planning a wedding band, here i give the tips pertaining to you.

1. get As soon as Choosing a Spouse

The rings usually are not merely lead tastes one party only, but additionally ones partner. Invite her for you to come for you to talk Regarding the wedding ring and Visit The item together.

By talking Relating to this throughout advance, You can find out which models are likewise your picked partner as well as might be a fusion of your 2 involving you favorite models.

Do not also being selfish and also dominant for you to Opt for a ring It just for you to ones taste, because the ring is actually additionally worn pair aan. Do not want it, whether or not reluctant ring worn singular considering that the model does not make a couple confidence?

2. Model Neutral

Neutral model here means It\’s worn everyday. Wedding rings which might be too flashy or even models ‘weight’ is usually challenging dipaduan with everyday style regarding dress. you are not going to use It In the same way accessories ‘formal’ as well as a party, but That is also in harmony from the style of any dress.

We recommend for you to Pick a ring with a easy model and also reflect the individuality in addition to your own partner.

3. Color

Currently wedding ring can be very varied colors ranging by gold, white gold, rose precious metal as well as colored in order to black. Go with a color The idea suits your style pertaining to comfortable use.

4. Precious Stones

Who says wedding rings Just in case always look plain unadorned stone with the middle? pertaining to women, The idea is usually an model wedding ring using a decorative stone at the middle of any beautiful model. your own man are additionally able megenakannya, singular throughout small stones and barely visible.

Wedding rings also do not always have to possibly be encrusted in diamonds. quite a few choices different precious stones just like emeralds, sapphires, rubies along with other precious stones.

5. Type of Precious Metals

When this type of metal does not need a rare metal wedding ring, You may Pick that will material like titanium which might be sold today.

If you Choose gold, take in addition because the higher your own carat number, your own ring is usually simply deformed.

6. Mintai Opinions Nearby People

If an individual think that the people closest to be able to you like friends in addition to family may support pick the wedding ring pertaining to anyone along with the partner, why not?

There can be a possibility That they understand what your own model is actually at this point a trend This really is especially suitable for you both.

7. Reliable Jewelry Store

Choose an jewelry store The idea have been reliable along with continues to be picked out couples within choosing a wedding ring. shops which can be trusted can usually prove the ring with the store good quality.


After successfully choosing a great wedding ring, think exactly about what an individual want your current writing carved towards the various other side, whilst today a lot of well-engraved wedding ring for the outside of any ring.

Not merely an name, wedding rings furthermore is throughout special engraving the favorite words and also couples.

launch Lime for Face  

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Lime The idea is actually consumed as being a flavoring ingredient for the kitchen The item also saves a lot of introduction due to the health and also beauty of any face. exactly who would have thought in the application associated with tiny lemon provides awesome advantages pertaining to beauty. Here i will certainly try to describe some associated with Some great benefits of lemon towards face.16

benefit lime

1. Brighten and whiten your own skin
The 1st benefit It lemon is practical to be able to brighten and also whiten your skin. Lime is consumed as an ingredient to help whiten ones skin, especially facial skin. your ingredients you need to prepare inter alia It approximately 100 ml associated with lemon juice, 1 tablespoon finely ground turmeric powder, and then mixed evenly throughout an container. once mixed evenly many over the face and also neck, after that let stand regarding approximately ten minutes. Afterwards, rinse with warm water until clean. run routine once a week.
2. Helps prevent acne
Benefits lime This really is practical both to be able to prevent acne. Acne It often appear for the face usually will certainly disturb MY appearance and also reduce MY PERSONAL confidence. for the try for you to consume lemon juice through mixing sugar and cold water for you to be used Equally lime juice. Meanwhile, to help cope in acne This does not zip away, try to acquire your current lime juice within cotton next rubbed for the face are affected from acne, let stand pertaining to 10 minutes then rinse with clean water.
3. Caring with regard to hair health
Benefits lime third in health care because of its hair. Lime can be intended to treat hair loss. inside addition, lime may likewise nourish ones hair in addition to eliminate dandruff. Namely Tips on how to squeeze your current lime juice then rub lemon juice towards scalp. Massage scalp massage next rinse inside water.
4. Eliminates body odor
Benefits of an lemon and then eliminate body odor or perhaps ones smell involving sweat. Lime juice may also be intended to remove your current smell involving sweat at the body. you do the actual via mixing lemon juice having a few whiting in addition to MAKE use OF It for you to wash underarms twice daily.
5. Therapeutic diets
Benefits of an lemon latter works extremely well to be a therapeutic diet. and also regular exercise, single effective approach to lose Force is to be able to eat an lemon. It is since the content associated with vitamin C contained with lime is usually quite high in addition to was instrumental throughout shedding fat cells with the body. Namely The way to dissolve ones lime juice within warm water as well as fill out honey to taste to help neutralize your current acid taste. Regular consumption connected with less compared to three times a good week.

Gainful Innovations in the World of Smartphone Cases

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download (7)

PDA cases that support strong lives and playful families, there is a steady necessity for improvement. Preeminent duty to creativity and critical thought in setup and era are only the beginning. The mobile phone industry is rising reliably in creating markets, and nearby it certain creators of PDA ornamentation are giving unbelievability and quality. Quick advancements enhance ergonomic arrangement, endorse guarded qualities, and welcome individual expression.

Getting ready for Delightful Lifestyles  harga infinix hot 3 max

To a perpetually expanding degree, we wind up interfacing with the web while living element lifestyles, through mobile phones and PDAs that we pass on with each one of us the time. Fashioners today need to consider the fine purposes of interest and impacts of living in this brisk moving world. Especially in the blueprint of wireless cases, refined and wise improvements are being displayed by skilled people.

Impelling the Green Revolution

As per more a la mode strategies for considering diminishing human results for our surroundings and administering general resources in our existence, certain producers are enhancing with greener progressions in their collecting shapes. Considerations about the materials used as a piece of creation are fundamental if we are to guarantee our world for future times.

Trademark Elements of Smartphone Cases

Headway is dependably in development. At the cutting edge are inventive associations that are based on changing potential results into substances. Sensible improvement is possible through using urethanes for making PDA cases instead of various plastics. Made out of the four most fundamental parts on the planet, urethanes contain less toxic substances and may be reused.

Wireless Cases Define our Taste

Splendid mobile phones are being picked by dynamically seeing buyers for their particular qualities. Mobile phone cases can instantly enhance a proprietor’s experience of their wireless. Phones and their embellishments need to meet hoisted necessities of individual taste before ending up being a bit of our customary lives. Where once we settled on choices of lace build dominatingly as for mold outfits and exceptional occasions, we now in like manner settle on choices checking eco-pleasing creation methodology and confirmation a thing is true blue.

Securing and Serving our Families

Step by step life can be unsafe to our phones. We pass on them in pockets, travel bags, portfolios and much of the time just in one hand while we are achieving something else. Mobile phone cases with wonderful handle are rapidly significant in serving to check hurt that can happen at any moment. Pioneers in arrangement vigorously enhance, molding for example a stagger engaging honeycomb outline in the urethane that decreases heat conduction and cushions influence for the most part beneficially.

Orderly guidelines to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

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download (8)

The growing usage of mobile phones has inferred that by far most of us are using them all the more these days. We call, use web, read news, do web shopping, book tickets, do web warming these days and use our PDAs for various purposes. The convenience and comfort is something that has made our lives substantially less requesting and trouble free. Nevertheless, doing accordingly various things puts a noteworthy strain on the batteries of our mobile phones. I will demonstrate a couple stages that you can grasp to help your mobile phone battery last more  Harga Infinix Hot 3 Lite X557.

Charging battery a significant part of the time: The mobile phones we use have colossal batteries with the objective that we don’t need to charge them again and again. In any case, numerous individuals are in the penchant for charging them routinely and this is something that must be avoided. By charging your battery a lot of times you are putting extra strain on the battery and this will just contrarily influence the life and execution of the battery. It is reasonable to charge your wireless battery when it gets really low. This will keep the battery sound and ensure that your mobile phone does not seek after out of charge at customary interims. Leaving your phone on charging overnight is moreover not a better than average affinity and must be kept up a key separation from however much as could be normal.

Using untouchable chargers: Many people have the penchant for using third assembling or shabby chargers to charge their PDAs. This is something that genuinely harms the battery and your PDA an awesome arrangement. There is no purpose behind smoldering through 500 dollars on a mobile phone and blaming it for a humble battery. Most of the brands also endorse that your phone must be blamed for simply the supplied charger. These outcast chargers can in like manner make hurt your wireless. So you ought to keep up a vital separation from this mistake and reliably blame your phone for the association gave charger.

Switch off Data when not required: Data is something that by far most of us use on our mobile phones. In any case, it also uses a huge amount of battery and each one of the applications you have on your PDA moreover exhaust your mobile phone battery. When you needn’t trouble with data it is best to switch off data as it will help your battery last more. You moreover may have some undesirable applications on your mobile phone that you may not use any more. It is perfect to continue and uninstall them and it will similarly help in saving your phone battery.

The Rise Of The Chinese Smartphone Makers

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download (9)The move from key component phones to mobile phones in the late years can be credited to the venerated players of electronic creators – Samsung and Apple. Regardless of the way that the principle mobile phone, known as IBM Simon, was made some place in the scope of two decades back, regardless, the wireless as we presumably am mindful it was presented in a more satisfactory structure years sometime later by the American tech goliath Apple and the South Korean creator Samsung. They administered the phone market for a long time close by other known associations like Sony, LG and Nokia. In any case, that was before the year the Chinese creatures entered the mobile phone market. Today it is an absolutely particular circumstance as Chinese mobile phone producers have expected control over a basic part of the pie.

Chinese mobile phone brand, Xiaomi, has starting late transformed into the third greatest cell phone maker on the planet for quite a while before another Chinese brand Lenovo again grabbed the spot. Xiaomi gives some genuinely insignificant exertion handsets with the most imaginative and latest adaptable specific stuffed inside.

Another wonder story is of the start-up OnePlus, which was formed by the ex-laborers of another Chinese association: Oppo. OnePlus has seen a huge amount of accomplishment inside a brief time with its presentation PDA: OnePlus One. The contraption was dispatched a year prior with the motto: The Flagship Killer. With a 5.5 inch appear, a Snapdragon 801 Chipset, Adreno 330 GPU and a 13 Megapixel camera, it point of fact fulfilled its motto. It was at first offered on an appreciated reason which seemed, by all accounts, to be monotonous and baffling at first anyway it to some degree made the difficult to claim device a more pined for one. Quickly, the PDA is putting forth like hot cakes in China and in addition in America, the UK and other Asian countries.

The pervasiveness of these brands can in like manner be credited to the way that they have wound up harbingers with respect to improvement. Oppo is one such brand which was the first to put a turning camera on its N1 phone. The first thought about a rotatable camera in a wireless was exhibited around the same time “selfie” was named Oxford Dictionaries articulation of the year. The swiveling camera of the N1 engages shutterbugs to shoot both back and front pictures with the same 13 Megapixel camera.

Tips on Cleaning Face Natural and True

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You have a pretty face look dull can change if you do not pay attention to cleanliness. The skin is dirty because of dust, pollution, and oil can clog pores and blackheads bring even acne, unfortunately not when the actual skin healthy and beautiful so problematic simply because we do not routinely clean the face. Cleaning the face can be done with a face soap, journal beauty milk cleansers and toners that are already available on the market.Or you can also use other means, namely a way to cleanse the face naturally follows.

Tips on Cleaning Face Natural and True

How to clean the face naturally correct


Wash face d ith Water

Cleanse the face naturally the most important is to wash your face with clean water. Washing your face with clean water to refresh the face as well as lift the dirt. Clean water is used very note, because the water has to be free of bacteria and germs that can actually infect the face and cause acne. For those who are Muslim, wash your face when her ablutions five times a day with clean water to relax the muscles of the face and clean it periodically. You should wash your face with facial soap, but not too often. Because the face can lose its natural oils and become dry, dry face state is what actually stimulate the oil glands to produce in large quantities, as a result of your face more oily and dull.

Do not rub the towels

After washing your face, you should use a towel to dry your face with a way pat. Rubbing a towel on the face can actually make irritation, because facial skin is very sensitive. Note also the cleanliness of the towels used, do not get dirty because it can cause bacteria to accumulate in the face.

Note the use of Cotton

Cotton is used when washing the face with a cleanser makeup can affect the facial skin beauty.Choose cotton softer although more expensive. For use inexpensive but rugged cotton can irritate the skin, and potentially make flaky skin to cause acne.

Do not Clean Face with Warm Water

Cleanse the face naturally hereinafter that by not using warm water. Too often wash your face with warm water it can remove the natural moisture of your skin, you should use just plain water whenever cleaning. Warm water should be used when needed, for example when going to wear a face mask so that the pores can open and facilitate substances in the mask material to seep.

Make Time to Clean Up

Cleanse the face naturally by washing your face with water alone is not enough, because it could not fully lift the makeup, especially heavy makeup used. Foundation is usually difficult to remove, to the use of milk cleansers and facial toners which to ensure all the rest of the makeup is taken out and the skin can breathe again after a long covered by makeup.

Face mask

Wear a face mask to remove dead skin cells at the same time nourish and rejuvenate your skin, so wear a mask with natural ingredients is highly recommended as a way to clean the face naturally. There are several materials that can be used, such as:

Lime,  Take the lemon juice with a cotton swab, then apply evenly to the face and neck. Wait until dry and feel tight, then rinse clean.

Aloe Vera,  you can use aloe vera gel to the entire face, and wait 20 minutes. Then clean. This mask can be both refreshing face.

Banana and Honey,  Puree bananas and mix with 1 tablespoon of honey. Use it as a mask 30 minutes and rinse well. This mask can also make a face taut, moist and clean.

Now that’s quick info on tips naturally cleanse your face properly so that your face does not dull and affected by acne. Because the skin is not clean susceptible to skin problems, such as dull, dry, wrinkles, pimples, blackheads, dark spots and more.