Several Supporting Male Style Make Into Campus

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Several Supporting Male Style Make Into Campus – Lecture is indeed fun when you have a lot of colleagues and your style cool. Both main know! Because, if your style mess, the opportunities you can have a number of colleagues, but not when you have a style that is cross-eyed. And vice versa, if your style cool after yet not have friends, what preoccupied? ??

Well, now who does not want to be the center of attention when ngampus? So popular guy certainly more exciting than to be “rabble” that loitering is not bright. Style fashion ok, encouraging you to be sure myself and was active in university activities. So, determination cool fashion will make you the spirit and really good for your development.

Okay, we have to admit when a popular guy with characters that are sometimes not ketulungan indifferently. Dateng to class even though he had not showered? General. Pants torn at the knee or bottom hems apart? Bodo! Even, the clothes have one week does not change, tetep confident tuh. Kan is no perfume!

Not so well, Guys. You should be more respect for yourself before expecting others respect you. By protecting the time display to the university, it means you respect yourself and love yourself dirimus. You do not want to look dirty bin crumpled up your network of friends ilfil witnessed. Certainly, a lot of girls who escaped the time saw a guy crumpled. Dong can go down, your charisma (although you handsome yes).

Okay, this opportunity Shopious intends to show the fashion guide for some guy that looks cool time to the university. This guide is for you the same care of your appearance and want to make improvements to live (CIEH!) Initiated from the display. Not just clothes, Shopious going to peel the other supporting accessories fashion so that you can refine fashionmu style. Let’s refer to the complete article. Check this out, guys!

Determine the size Clothes Fit in Body
Choose clothes do not origin, Guys. The main love motif or color, size tapu narrowness or oversized tetep use. Generally guys like comfortable (cozy = size very loosely). Well, this may affect your appearance, because the guy fashion style which is seen first of clothes. Usahkan to select the size that fit so much OK.

2. Determine Also Subordinate Could Not Gratuitous
As well as superiors, subordinates make more trendy and certainly ocok to ngampus. It is one of the more trendy chinos really is, Guys. Except trendy, these pants can fit together with what are the boss. You can select materials and a comfortable size for you, generally denim was taken because many convenient to use. Remember, keep your clothes and do not use subordinate filthy!

3. Except Warms, Jackets Make You Look More Cool
If you are bored with the look that’s it, you can modify your look cool jacket circuitry only your favorites. The jacket has benefits for the body to be warm coat, especially in the rainy season like this. Determine jacket that can mix and match with clothes what are, and look at its size. Determine which fit in your body to make it look presentable.

4. Occasionally, Looks super Neat Not Make You Lose Cool
Ever seen a student display a super neat like in this picture? Yes, it looks super neat not make your ranking down, Guys. Maybe in the eyes of some of your friends so not really. However, the time it takes for example fit again gets a presentation or there is an official event at the university, were neat outfit would support the appearance. For example, use the shirt, tie and vest and neatly combed hair. Kece right?

5. The bag is nice is that Cakep design and Not Reduce Benefits
You need to carry a lot of books, papers, laptop, and so the time to university, do not try to use a few small bags ang make you become so complicated to bring all supplies college. Look for a bag that you need, a new look at design. Do not choose a bag that actually make you uncomfortable when wearing it even though the bag looks cool.

6. Footwear That Modalmu Achieving Results Today
Apparel has been cross-eyed, cool bags, now supporting one another appearance today, Guys. For you who want to succeed in doing the activity at the university, use the best shoe for you. The most significant here is not the most expensive either, you know. Although generally sepau quality is that the price is high (according to the same lah, with quality). Look for shoes that are most suitable for you. You are like a neat appearance, using his shoes that look official. Those who prefer casual, look for shoes that can be absorbed in the street to take anywhere.

7. Wristwatch Cool It Can Save Your Attendance
Have lecturer killer who fit when really? That means, the watch is an accessory that you should use to menyelamatkamu so as not to be late to class. Determine timepiece that fits in your hand, because not all types / kinds hours click with your appearance. So, be smart select watches to support your appearance at the university.

8. Cool Style Hair that Can Make You More Confident
Another aspect that can make you look okay in college that hair. Pay attention to your hair always go to before, when it took special time to yourself for styling your hair so that you look more cool, Guys. Try deh, if clothing has been cool but not bright messy hair, who wants ngelirik try? So, order your hair as possible, yes!

9. Looks What Ada. Here the Create kece While Without Fashion
There are times when you want to look freely without any notice whatsoever fashion. Can be! You can seem what is, ignore it used jeans + T-shirts, backpacks + sneakers. Forget fashion and sure am left. However, if you have mengplikasikan 8 of these things, it appears what it means you keep your cool. So, do not forget to apply the above guidelines ya!

Well, the many things you can try to support the style appearance at the university. Want to find t-shirts cross-eyed? Or bags and shoes are not common guy? Shopious just download the application to your smartphone! You can search for cool fashion items for you to use at the university, Guys. Cool again, shop on-line at Shopious safe and cheap, you know! Just try it!

Shown Professionals in the World of Work

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kim-woo-bin (2)

kim-woo-bin (2)

Shown Professionals in the World of Work – Previously entered the game in the job market you need a good outfit to get a good job. The problem is to get a good view sometimes is not cheap. Do not worry that we give most classy wardrobe options but is still affordable. Blazer Pria Murah

After graduating from college, the first thing most people do is to look for a job. However, before entering the game in the job market you need a good outfit to get a good job. The problem is to get a good view sometimes is not cheap. But, do not worry that we give most classy wardrobe options but is still affordable.

General Guidelines

Need to know your view of the world of work is so dependent on the dress code set by your office or place of work. Most institutions allow casual look as well as most other places require that you wear formal attire working time. When you’re going to follow a job interview you should find out about the company’s dress code, do a little research and find most of the info what is commonly used by employees of the company.

The use of clothes with the size that fits your body (not too tight and very large) is the aspect that ensures particularly good or bad you look. Pants or baggy clothes that give the impression you do not pay attention to detail as well as representation of yourself. If you are experiencing trouble obtaining the same clothes that suit your body shape can make their own clothes that fit your body in the same tailor your subscription.

If your workplace allows you wear a shirt or polo shirt, stay away from T-shirts with the logo, especially very large brand logo. Make sure some solid dark color, such as magenta, purple, dark blue.
Pay attention to your body care, Trim your hair every four or five weeks, also shaving your mustache and beard everyday including the space around your neck.

Shopping Smart. Buy a work shirt, slacks and shoes at a department store to get it at a price that is not too expensive. Throughout the clothes look clean and smart and fit with the characteristics you, you can buy it. Partner of work you will not see what brand you use, but they are certainly going to see how it looks when the clothes you use.
Work Clothes choice

Most jobs require you to wear a suit. If the job is the place where you work, buy at least two single-breasted suits and two-piece suits. Coat with two buttons on the front are standard business suit, but a suit with three buttons have also been widely used in the world of professional. With the exception of black color you can wear navy blue and dark gray as an option.

As explained first, you need that suits business suit, not a suit to go on a date or attending a formal event to another. Therefore do not be afraid to buy a suit at a department store or a warehouse, you can also buy a suit the rest of the currently available lot.

Clothes and Sweaters
White shirt and light blue are basic clothes that you should have. To fill the display, you can combine it with a brown sweater, gray and dark blue. For a somewhat formal working environment, you can fill your display with a tie.

Most of the collection of material can simplify your pants combined with a variety of colors ensure shirt and blazer. But when you have a small fee, some colors such as gray, black or brown usually fitting used with a variety of color of clothes. Time you should also try pants try it while wearing the shoes to see how the pieces of the pants worn time.

If you already have bebeapa coat, you may only need one coat to fill your work equipment. Common multiple colors such as brown, black and navy blue is a safe color choices that you should have. Stay away from buludur and corduroy blazer made. Although the material it looked cool and trendy, but it is so informal blazer type to be used in a traditional work environment.

You can wear it when you work memerbolehkan casual clothes. Blazer brown you can combine it with khakis, brown shoes and a white shirt. Sedangkanm blue blazer and gray pants and a fitting coupled with colored shoes gelapserta white shirt, gray or blue.

Completed Menstrual Pain Cough Up, Thanks To Warm Ginger

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Completed Menstrual Pain Cough Up, Thanks To Warm Ginger – Ginger is an herb that has among the warm sensation that can make the stomach or throat feel comfortable. As described in greatist page. com, ginger has a variety of content that are beneficial to health.

Gingerol, a substance that gives a sense of warmth in fact ginger has anti-inflammatory compounds and anti-oxidants. Until not surprising that ginger is widely used in traditional healing to treat various types of health problems. Start stomach problems in the form of nausea, painful menstruation until the coughing can be finished with a warm ginger consumption. Not sure? Let’s refer to the explanation sedetailnya.

Reduce Menstrual Pain due. One of the benefits of ginger reduce pain, including pain during menstruation. One study found that consuming 1 gram of ginger powder daily, in the first three days of menstruation can reduce pain as effectively as taking medications pain killers.

Relieves Nausea. Ginger has long been used as drugs to treat motion sickness throughout the years because of properties that can relieve nausea. To handle the nausea and vomiting with ginger, you can chew one segment ginger, or can be mixed in a cup of tea. If all 2 ways that never or very complicated to do, you simply consume ginger candy.

Tackling Digestive Problems. Ginger contains phenolic substances which help avoid irritation of the digestive tract, increase appetite, stimulate the production of bile and saliva, reduce flatulence and regulate the movement of food through the digestive tract. Briefly, ginger is so efficient as a natural remedy for dealing with a variety of complaints on your digestive system.

Lighten Cough and Colds. Has a natural character diaphoretic, make efficient ginger warm the body from the inside and cause perspiration. This sort of thing would be a way to help lighten the automatic coughs and colds. Consumption of ginger also help you relieve wheezing and throat and nice to deal with sinus problems.

Well, amazing is not the benefits that can be obtained from seruas ginger? So, when sick, do a little taking medication, when it can be treated with natural remedies such as ginger, why not? Hopefully useful!

Tips to Appear Cool and Trendy

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Tips to Appear Cool and Trendy – As a man, certainly want to look cool. Just like women, men – men also have a feeling for optimal seem to make it look cool. Currently the fashion world also offer many types and styles for men that looked cool. But men have in terms of simpler and more flexible than women. Therefore the fashion style for boys is also flexible. -penampilan View taken should also be adjusted in the event that will be attended. Never memorable too excessive and memorable one costume. Everything -Eighteen man can really looked cool. Jual Blazer Korea

Men indeed so does not want to bother to wear clothes style. Therefore the fashion world also brings all of a it simple for Men. To seem cool man must give some attention to style as well as style, the wearing apparel. Below will be discussed on a guide to seem cool to you some of the guys:

Determine the appropriate size. You must select clothes that fit your body. Not nice to see men – men when wearing very tight or very loose. For example only jeans, for someone male – male jeans very tight also memberikesan bad. Similarly, when a very loose too bad. As nice as well as expensive as any clothes that you use when you do not fit dibadan, will give a strange impression on. Therefore you should try it first on a suitable room before buying.

Match Style shirt. Match the style of clothes to show that you will go. You must be able to distinguish the clothes which need to be used when official events as well as clothes which can be used to enjoy the show. Never because you are one of costume wearing unsuitable place. For events that you can enjoy wearing T-shirts and jeans. Being at an official ceremony / official, you can use a shirt or batik.

Determination and Combined Color. To obtain a cool style, you must select a clever combination of colors. Have many men today are wearing – clothes are bright. But do not specify the colors are striking, because a lot of options, you must combine smart clothes, reproduce combination with subordinates dark. But the main thing is adjusting the color of clothes with the color of your skin. As a reference, you can choose masculine colors like black, blue – gray, brown and lai sbagainya

Give Accessories. Because men generally generally plain clothes, you can provide accessories to support your view. Accessories can provide for example a watch, hat, vest, and sunglasses. Although adding accessories to use only as needed, do not be too excessive. Use of accessories that are too excessive will make you so seem odd.

Be your self. Meaning be yourself, do not follow the style of others or artist. Although you are an admirer of the actor who must remain cool you have to be yourself. Not Sure style which he uses fit with you. Therefore tampilah with your own style. With so yourself, you are free to choose a style that fit the same body.

Well, that was a guide so that you can appear cool. Cool man as a person that does not necessarily bother really. So kesimpulanya if want to look cool, make sure the size, style, styles and colors to suit your same. As well as the most important, namely so yourself.

What confused Wear Pants? Select Jeans!

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What confused Wear Pants? Select Jeans! – “Jeans, pants type that is used by most people ..” So that we all understand. However, in this article, you are getting more know a lot about the type of pants that may be the middle you use today. Jual Blazer Pria

Jeans have been worldwide, and so the sides of the purposes of the fashion world that no longer can be denied. Dungaree fabric made from the special prefix used by some heavy labor, jeans today practically easily obtained.

One advantage awesome jeans that is its ability to blend with both the formal and informal conditions. Jeans convenient to use anywhere and everywhere, making hardly anyone who never wear jeans for a vacation or appear style.

All the goodness jeans make it last all 141 th. since the first discovery in the city of Genoa, Italy, as well as the spread on the European continent to the patented in th. 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in the United States, made jeans one among the icons of American culture of the Wild Old West.

Excess jeans namely lightness, comfort and strength. Display jeans that are so neutral it easier for users to incorporate other types of materials to be stylish. Leisure jeans that result because the pores are so dungaree fabric absorbs water easily dried up and simplify all the incoming and outgoing air. Shortly ability fiber fabric can withstand a tear or depreciation due to the spread of air temperature. Three of these advantages make jeans can fulfill its ultimate purpose would be pants are ideal.

Blessed be the inventor of jeans!

In fact, too, is not unusual when someone man had a pair of jeans she used anywhere, any time, day-to-day. Not knowing when to wash. Leave a comment below if that person is you. = D

But at the same moment, three advantages (lightness, comfort, capability) obtained from jeans so so deficiencies core. Because today many jeans have very much forged, the more kinds minimal, and the use of shoddy materials to kind of monotonous. People increasingly indiscriminate when making or select jeans because of the kind that’s it, as well as durable jeans are popular so fast is broken because of the ingredients are increasingly low quality.

Faded jeans, easily torn, old-fashioned, dirty, down, fade, of course, we often see people wearing jeans-jeans like that and we certainly do not want to be like that. Therefore, if you understand this sort of thing, you must do the extra effort to find jeans that remains based on three initial quality already described above:

Trendy style, but can easily be combined with clothes and everyday life.
Convenient to use because of the high quality material
Durable in use daily
By the way, jeans high quality can be obtained in Workdone & Co., a fashion among our partners are so perfectionist and has been tested as a specialist in making modern jeans.

You will immediately feel the difference when wearing jeans of high quality, even other people around you are also going to notice it.

6 Food Need to Know to Increase Iron

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6 Food Need to Know to Increase Iron – Iron is so needed by the body for the formation of red blood cells. Consumption of enough iron can reduce the risk of anemia. Approximately 9% of women experience anemia due to iron deficiency. Protecting primary iron consumption for body health.

The food here who can help you to fulfill the purposes of iron, as written goodhousekeeping. co. uk namely as follows:

– If you liked the consumption of shellfish, so congratulations you’ve fulfilled the purpose of your iron. The mussels are the most important source of food that has a high iron content. Three ounces of clams contains 23, 8 milligrams iron and 126 calories.

You can be the consumption of shellfish in a way immediately, or cook it first. Except high in iron, mussels are also rich in potassium and vitamin B12.

– Oats adalahan fitting choice as the breakfast menu that is rich in iron. You can choose the plain oats. As a sweetener oats consumed, you can give oats with fruit or peanut butter.

Bonus that you can from the consumption of oats with fruit combination that you obtain the benefits of the fruit that you consume. Vitamins and nutrients contained in fruits will fill out your nutritional needs.

-Consumption of fish is good for health. Not just reduce the risk of depression, heart attacks but also good to meet the need of iron. Decide to eat fish like tuna and salmon.

Those types of savory snack food is popular right now, with the exception of taste-it tastes good in fact also healthy. Edamame is a type of vegetable that is widely consumed by Japanese people. You can consume edamame through boiling or by frying.

Edamame are low-calorie snacks, so often used as a dietary menu. 1/2 cup edamame contains 4, 4 mg of iron and contains 149 calories.

-Do Not fear fat chocolate consumption time. As we recognize the many chocolate contains anti-oxidants to help reduce the risk of heart attack.

Make sure you consume no more chocolate 1 to 1, 5 number. Beyond that chocolate also contains a lot of iron which can reduce the risk of anemia. Determine the dark brown, so you get good chocolate avail.

-Still Remember this Popaye favorite food? Yup, Spinach is so good to meet the purposes of the iron in the body. Spinach also has a high content of Vitamin A, K and magnesium are good for the body.

Which takes you remember when you cook spinach not to warm it back due to health would be at risk.

Sending Flowers Online

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Sending Flowers Online

In the past, when a lot of people had to send blossoms to folks in their residence community, it was easy. Sending out flowers to an individual staying much away was almost impossible prior to the advent of the Internet.

Before the Web made online flower distribution of preferred sensations, you needed to rely on a branch of the local Flower shop Transworld Shipment service to supply blossoms. You had to choose your blossoms from a really minimal option as well as pay too much money for the service. In the end, there was no assurance that the receiver would certainly get the very same florals fit. Today, you no longer need to see florists or call around to determine florists in the area you desire the distribution to happen. The net will certainly take care of all the headaches.

Here are some ideas that will aid you when sending florals online.

The message: Flowers make superb presents due to the fact that they have the capability to talk quantities. You might already understand that red roses mean love which white roses mean relationship. However, also the less preferred florals have various shades of definition. It is necessary to know the importance of the floral that you are sending out lest you humiliated on your own by sending out something inappropriate.

You would certainly enjoy to advise the individual concerning the shabby flower distribution service they have actually chosen. To stay clear of such a scenario, take unique care when you send out flowers online. Pick a florist that sends their blossoms with floral food as well as guidelines on the care of the blossoms.

Time period: With the arrival of the Net, it is not needed for you to rely upon the services of a regional floral designer. You may send fresh cut florals from throughout the globe by sending out florals online. Actually, you can even acquire blossoms straight from the growers. This guarantees that the flowers you supply are fresh and also of the best quality. When you send flowers on-line, you just need to make sure that they are shipped according to your directions.

Prior to the Web made on the internet blossom delivery of prominent sensations, you had to depend on a branch of the regional Flower designer Transworld Distribution solution to supply flowers. It is important to understand the importance of the flower that you are sending out lest you embarrassed on your own by sending something improper.

Select a flower shop that sends their blossoms with flower food and also instructions on the care of the flowers.

You could send out fresh cut florals from anywhere in the world by sending blossoms online. When you send blossoms on-line, you only need to take treatment that they are shipped as per your instructions.

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Send out Flowers After the Date

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Send out Flowers After the Date

Blossoms have an unique language of their own. It could express beliefs like “thank you”, or “I’m sorry” or “I’m happy to be with you” or “I have actually a crush on you” and also naturally the timeless “I like you.” But allow’s not enter that as well as talk about your first date rather. Nevertheless that has been stated as well as done throughout your initial day, you ask yourself if it would be proper to send out flowers after the date.

Blossoms after a Date

To send blossoms after the day is not an extremely normal incident as blossoms are usually given on the day itself. Well, that what makes giving blossoms after a day more unique. The component of unpleasant surprise is there! The entirely unexpected flowers would definitely be a great touch to thrill your day.

Why Send blossoms after the Date

There are reasons why you ought to send flowers after the date. The first is, you did not bring blossoms the first time and also you merely want to offset that. It may be that you were rather careful or cynical regarding the end result of the date that you opted not to provide your day blossoms. The date ended up alright though as well as you just want to reveal some recognition. Send your day a wonderful bouquet after that. The second reason is, you were actually smitten by your day and also to demonstrate how wonderful you assume she is, you want to offer your date the most stunning bunch you could acquire.

The 3rd factor is, the date went sour and you merely intend to state “exactly how sorry you are and that you ‘d never ever see her once again” or “just how sorry you are however could you try again?” Whatever your factor is, the recipient would be highly appreciative of your thoughtful motion.

What Flowers to Send out

Send her florals after the day however do not overdo it. If your day transformed a calamity, send your date some lilies or chrysanthemums to appease.

If after the first date you were entirely awe-struck as well as love-struck by your day, please play it cool. Send her florals but don’t reveal over passion by offering her the most expensive flowers readily available at your area flower shop! Do not! As in don’t allow your day think that you have actually fallen hard for her. Send her some pink carnations or peach-colored roses. The pink carnation states “I could not forget you” while the peach-colored roses would claim “I wish to be familiar with you.” That is granting your date understands exactly what the flowers suggest. Much better if you send out a card with a note that clearly says what you really feel.

There are those who say that the fine art of flower-giving has actually shed its significance. Not so if you give flowers with genuine special feelings behind the act.

D. Damore, a Three Decade pro in the retail floral industry, shares his experience on the different elements of fresh cut florals, environment-friendly and also flowering plants for all occasions.

That has been stated and done throughout your initial date, you ask on your own if it would certainly be appropriate to send flowers after the date.

To send out florals after the day is not a quite typical event as flowers are normally provided on the day itself. It could be that you were fairly careful or hesitant regarding the result of the day that you decided not to offer your date flowers. The 2nd reason is, you were actually smitten by your date and also to reveal just how wonderful you assume she is, you want to offer your day the most attractive lot you could get.

If your day transformed a disaster, send your date some lilies or chrysanthemums to appease.

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Consuming Fruits For Diabetes – Can it Be Benefitting the Diabetics?

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Consuming Fruits For Diabetes – Can it Be Benefitting the Diabetics?

As the benefits of fruits are too many in basic, missing out on out on fruits canister not be good for a diabetic. As the calories are a lot more in high sugar fruits it is desirable to avoid fruits abundant in sugar. Contrasted with sugar sweet, sugar walking cane juice, and other sugar abundant foods, the sugar material in fruits is less.

Why should a diabetic person consume fruits?

Diabetics could pick to consume fruits for diabetes. By knowing the body problem to take in fruits, one could pick the ideal one to consume with diabetes.

How much fruits should a diabetic person consume?

Though it is highly suggested to eat fruits for diabetic issues, the bottom line to keep is moderation in just what you choose to consume in order to keep blood sugar degrees in control. In case any person would certainly select consuming fruits in lots, as an example a small basketful of grapes in one sitting, can not be an OK to sustain typical blood sugar varieties. It is limited that a diabetic with elevated blood sugar level can consume as little amount of fruits as to please his food craving for fruits.

How to eat fruits?

As fruits can enhance blood sugar fast as any kind of other food that have exact same quantity of sugar, a diabetic person must limit the intake to an optimum of one per day. Consuming fruits for diabetes is desirable with minimal servings, a diabetic person must stay clear of consuming fruits abundant in sugar. If you have fruit, eat it as a treat by itself due to the fact that fruit does not absorb efficiently with other foods.

Make certain, there are numerous fruits profiting the diabetics. So, select as well as consume fruits to beat diabetes mellitus.

As the calories are more money in high sugar fruits it is desirable to avoid fruits abundant in sugar. It is limited that a diabetic with elevated blood sugar could consume as little quantity of fruits as to please his yearning for fruits.

Eating fruits for diabetes mellitus is great with minimal servings, a diabetic person ought to stay clear of consuming fruits rich in sugar. If you have fruit, eat it as a treat by itself considering that fruit does not digest smoothly with other foods.



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11. How to Enable Android Applications

To enable Android apps you just need to go to the list of applications that are installed on the HP Android or so-called app drawer  or  application drawer by touching the app drawer icon (see Figure 1) in the main home screen page (example icon  app drawer  can be seen in the image above ). After that to run the application, you only need to touch the application icon of index apk your choice.


12. How to Turn off Android App

If you can not find the exit button on the applications that are running, then shut down the application for Android, you must press the MENU button first and then locate the exit.

Some Android apps are not equipped with the Exit button. For Android applications are not equipped with the exit button, you can press the BACK button to exit the app or you can press the Home button so that applications running in the  background.

Whether the application is running in  the background  will burden the system? Nor, for more details you can read the following article:  Do not Use Android Task Killer

13. How To Put Favorite Applications in the Main Screen

To put the application icon favorite or frequently used in the main screen, you have to do is go to  the App Drawer and touch and hold the selected applications and automatically display the screen will change to the main screen, after that release. If you want to set the position of the application icon, you just simply touch and hold the app icon until it looks like “floating”, after which the icon can be shifted to the desired position.

14. How to Switch Widget on your Home screen

What is the Widget Android? Android Widget is a kind of application that can be placed on the home screen of your phone or Tablet. Widget is almost the same as the icon ( shortcut ) applications, but the difference Widgets have a more interactive display, or may be immutable and can be used immediately (no need to open the application in advance).

Moreover, not all applications Widget can be found in the Applications list or in A pp Drawer,  so as to enable it to go through the main screen. Examples Facebook widget is a widget that displays recent status posts from your friends, or APN On-Off Widget is  a widget for Android turn off the internet connection that can change color to indicate an active Internet or being inactive.

To enable the widget, all you have to do is touch a button HOME> on the main display screen TOUCH AND HOLD> select WIDGETS, then you simply look for the Widget you want to activate.

15. How to Delete Icon / APPS Unwanted From the Home Screen

To remove an app icon or widget on the main screen you have to do is tap the application icon, hold, is not released while on sliding toward “dustbin” This will not remove the program or uninstall  an application, just delete an icon on the main screen. You can still find the app icon in the  app drawer.

16. Setting Ringtone Android

Complete tutorial how to set a ringtone (ringtone) Android and how to use audio files such as MP3 to ringtone can be seen in the following article:  How to Set Ringtone Android

17. How to Enable Wi-Fi and Internet Connection Using WiFi

To turn on Wi-Fi, go to the main screen by pressing HOME> press MENU> select settings  (Settings)> select Wireless & Networks  (Wireless and Network)> Wi-Fi enabled by giving a tick /  check list.

In some types of Android phones have been provided widget “Power Control” for easy on / off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. To use the widget, all you have to do is touch a button HOME> on the main display screen TOUCH AND HOLD> search widget Power Control.

To use the internet connection via wi-fi network, after the Wi-Fi enabled> go to   Settings (Settings)>  Wireless & Networks  (Wireless and Network)> Wi-Fi settings (setting up Wi-Fi)> Wait a few moments for the Android mobile phone can detects all Wi-Fi networks are active> select network wi-fi / hot spot that would be used (if any). When prompted for a password, then the user must ask the password to the owner of the hot spot / network.

18. How to activate the feature USB and Wi-Fi tether (Portable Hot Spot) Mobile Android

This method applies only to mobile phones that use the Android operating system Android 2.2 Froyo and above. For Android 2.1 Eclair to bottom, this feature is not available, unless root first.

How to enable Wi-Fi tether or make Android phone as a “modem” via wi-fi:

  1. Go to the menu Settings (settings)
  2. Click the Wireless & Network (wireless and networking)
  3. Click Tethering & Portable Hotspot (binding & portable hotspot)
  4. Put a check in the Portable Wi-Fi Hot Spot (hot spot wi fi portable) or on some type of Android phone, writing is the Mobile AP. Other settings are not necessary.
  5. After that you just need to enable Wi-Fi in other electronic devices, such as a laptop, tablet or other mobile device and follow the procedure on the other to be connected to the internet.

For OS Ice Cream Sandwich: From the home screen Press the MENU button> Click the System Settings> Under article Wirelss & Networks, click the “More …”> click Tethering & Portable Hotspot> Check “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot”

How to make your Android phone as a modem using a USB connection:

  1. Make sure you have a data cable and mobile phone driver has been installed on your computer (regular driver CD is included in the sales package).
  2. Connect your Android phone to the computer using a data cable
  3. Go to Settings (settings)
  4. Wireless & Network (wireless and networking)
  5. Tethering & Portable Hotspot (binding & portable hotspot)
  6. Put a check on “USB Tethering”
  7. Wait a minute, your computer is already connected to the Internet

19. How to Enable / Disable Bluetooth

How to send files Android


To activate Bluetooth, go to the main screen by pressing HOME> press MENU> select settings  (Settings)> select “Wireless & Networks”  (Wireless and Network)> turn on Bluetooth by putting a check /  check list.




20. How to Send Files Via Bluetooth Android

To be able to send files such as pictures, video, etc. you have to do is go to the Gallery or the location where your personal files placed> select the menu  to share  or “share”> select Bluetooth. Android phone will automatically search for devices with built-in Bluetooth is active, as shown on the screen, please select the device you want to receive the file.

Some of the Android mobile phone users say that there are types of files that can not be delivered by HP Android, such as music files. This is not true, to transmit music files, you can use the app file manager.  If the application is not found on the phone, you can download ( download ) for free from the Android Market.

How to send files using Bluetooth via the app  file manager  do no different as sending files via Gallery. Here’s how: Install File Manager application like Astro File Manager or Dual File Manager> once installed, open the app> find the file you want to send> click and hold on the file until the selection menu> select  share  or sometimes written  send (depending application  file manager  used)> select  Bluetooth.

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21. How to Receive Files Through Bluetooth Android

To be able to receive files via Bluetooth for the first time, in addition to Bluetooth on your mobile phone to be active, you also have to make your Android Phone “detected” or  visible  or  Discoverable.

The way to go to the main screen by pressing HOME> press MENU> select  settings  (Settings)> select ” Wireless & Networks”  (Wireless and Network)> select “Setup Bluetooth” ( Bluetooth settings )> check the option “Detected” (can be seen) or ” Discoverable “. Your Android phone will be discoverable by other devices for some time.

22. Setting Android Internet

To see how the settings are complete, please read the following article:  How to Set Internet Android by Easy

23. How to Enable or Disable Sync in Mobile Android

Android sync settings can be seen in the following posts:  About Sync Android

24. How to Install Android Apps

Complete tutorial how to install Android apps you can see in the following article:  Three Ways to Install Android Apps

25. How To Uninstall Android App

To remove Android apps from your phone, you have to do is go to the main screen by pressing HOME> press MENU> select  settings  / Settings> select the “Applications” or “Applications”> “Manage Applications” (Manage Applications)> select application to be removed and select “Uninstall” (Remove applications)

26. How to Move Apps to SD Card

If the operating system Android is version 2.2 Froyo or newer, you can move the game or Android app to the SD Card by pressing HOME> press MENU> select Settings (Settings)> select Applications (Apps)> Manage Applications (Manage Applications )> click the application you want to move to SD card> tap Move to SD card (Move to SD card).

If you are a user of Android 2.1 Eclair or earlier, then move the application to SD Card, you need to root Android first, then installing additional applications such as  link2sd .

27. How to Enable / Disable GPS or A-GPS

To turn on or turn off the GPS can be done by pressing HOME> MENU key> Settings (settings)> Location & Security (Security & location)> if you want to turn on GPS, check the article “Use GPS Sattelites” (Use GPS Satellites) , if you want to shut down, do not tick Tick or clear.

A-GPS or Assisted GPS is a feature to speed up  locking  satellites using assistance ( RC ) network the phone is used. Features A-GPS will use less pulses (data) at the time of determining the location of the current Android users.We think this feature should not be turned off, because the use of pulses only when the  lock  satellite only, after that no more. But if you still want to turn it off can be done via the Settings menu (settings)> Location & Security (Security & location)> look for the words “Use Assisted GPS” (Use Assisted GPS)> must be unchecked / left empty. When writing “Assisted GPS” can not be found, look for the words “Use wireless Networks” (Use Wireless Networks).

28. How to Perform a Factory Reset (erase all data and phone applications)

Factory reset will erase all the data and applications stored on your Android phone. After Factory reset, mobile phone software going back to like-new condition purchased. Factory reset is required when, for example, wants to sell mobile phones or when the perceived performance has decreased or is not working properly.

To perform Factory Reset please go to the Settings menu (settings)> Privacy (privacy)> Factory data is reset (factory data reset). Remember to  back up  data is essential before performing a factory reset.

29. How to Change Display Android

More info please visit the article  How to Change Theme Android .

30. How to Backup Android App

If you want to do a factory reset or have a new Android phone but do not want and download the applications that long, then you should do a  backup first Android app .

31. How to Contact Backup (phone number) Android

You can backup Contact / telephone number, fax, email, note, etc. to the SD Card. Do I go to the Contacts application / People / Phonebook> press the MENU button> click Import / Export (Import / Export)> click Export to SD Card (Export to SD card).

32. How close the Android app

To shut down or shut off in case of Android apps can not find the button  Exit  or go out, try to press the MENU button first, then find the button  Exit of his. Applications can also be turned off using the program  task killer  or  task manager  Android.

Android app actually does not need to be turned off. You can press the HOME button and the application will only run in the background ( background ). Applications running in the background will not burden the system for not using the CPU. More information about this issue can read the article:  “be careful using Android task killer”. (click).

33. How to Use File Manager Application

For information on how to copy and paste, move, delete, rename (rename) files, transfer files from Android to PC and vice versa, etc. can read the following articles:  “How to Use Application File Manager” (click)

34. How to Save Battery Android

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Thus tutorial how to use Android from us, may be useful.