All About Reclaimed Wooden Furniture

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture – There can’t be any iota of doubt over the fact that recycled or reclaimed wooden furniture pieces have their own unique depth, warmth, color and dimension. Besides, reclaimed wooden furniture has a feel which no other types of furniture have.

The superbly crafted and handmade recycled or reclaimed wooden furniture are adorning several homes these days. A vast majority of wooden furniture manufacturers today are manufacturing such types of furniture. Even large wholesalers and international exporters are dealing in recycled furniture. So much so that many manufacturers, who had earlier specialized in the making of first-hand furniture only, are now making pieces that are made from recycled wood sourced from old furniture, bridges, buildings, old barns and even wine barrels. All over the world, recycling is witnessing a huge demand.

Following are some of the reasons behind the popularity of reclaimed furniture

Unique appeal

Items manufactured from recycled wood sports an antique, unique and aesthetic appeal. It looks very natural and rich. Reclaimed wood has a special character that can’t be found in new wood. The character rendered by reclaimed wood to the interiors of a home is incomparable.


Reclaimed or recycled wood has played a vital role in protecting the environment. Anyone concerned about the sudden climatic change, rapid deforestation, global warming and sundry other environmental concerns, would go for such type of furniture as it gives a new lease of life to old resources. No wonder furniture manufacturers are making more of such items which mean that countless trees can continue to grow.

Stability and durability

Items made from recycled wood are more durable and a lot sturdier than any other type of wood.

Cost effective

Compared to new wooden furniture, recycled furniture is cost effective. Recycled wooden furniture is usually offered at a discount by furniture manufacturers. But that certainly doesn’t mean that such types of items are of inferior quality.

There are several uses of recycled wood. It’s used by manufacturers to make decks, panels, floors and other architectural details as well as designing offices and houses.

There’s an extensive variety and types of wood that are reclaimed for making several types of furniture. Such woods include antique oak, elm, antique pine, Douglas fir, Hickory, heart pine and others.

Recycled furniture is finding an increasing demand from manufacturers. Almost all countries across the world have enacted stringent laws against cutting and felling of trees. While this has led to the obvious price escalation of wood, it has also led to the appearance of alternative furniture made from plastic and metal. But this type of furniture is hardly any match for wooden furniture. Recycled furniture, on the other hand, is a good option for those who want to buy quality furniture at affordable rates. Furniture exporters too have sensed the worldwide demand for recycled furniture and are pressing furniture manufacturers to make more such furniture.

Hence, one can say undoubtedly that more number of homes would sport reclaimed furniture in the coming days giving a new lease of life to old wood.

Terms Animals To Sacrifice part2

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Animal Sacrifice Principle and the makruh .The most important of its kind by animal sacrifice is a camel, then a cow. If sacrifice perfectly, then sheep, then goats, then one-seventh camel, then one-seventh cow.

The main thing is by nature an animal that meets the properties of perfect and good in cattle. It is already known by experts who are experienced in this field. Among them: Harga Sapi Qurban

a. Fat.
B. The flesh is a lot.
C. Perfect physical form.
D. Good shape.
E. The price is expensive.

While dimakruhkan of sacrificial animals are:
a. Ears and tail broken or torn ears, elongated or widened.
B. Butt and udder milk break or some of both, such as putting the milk is lost.
C. Gila.
D. Loss of teeth (toothless).
E. No horns and antlers broken.

Jurists also have memakruhkan Al-Adbhaa ‘(animals lost more than half of the ears or horns), Al Muqaabalah (broken tips of his ears), Al Mudaabirah (dropped from the back of the ear), Ash Syarqa’ (ear torn by iron makers sign on animals), Al-Kharqaa (torn ears), Al Bahqaa (eye does not see), Al Batraa (which does not have a tail), Al Musyayya’ah (weak) and Al Mushfarah (which broke all ears or thin)

For pequrban who want to buy sacrificial animals were healthy and well there are some provisions that can be considered, such as the following:

a. Healthy cattle can be characterized from the fur shiny and clean. The feathers do not stand up and dull. His eyes shone (clear). Healthy cattle is very easy to see from how to eat and drink. When the consumption of food and drinking well (ravenously), the animal is healthy.

b. Her form should be standard. Definition of standards for cattle, his spine is relatively flat, horns balanced, four legs are symmetrical and his posture is ideal. Ideal posture is, for example, a combination of stomach, front and rear legs, head, and neck balanced. In addition, it can also be seen in parts of the mouth. If the wet mouth saliva all so much out, or appear in the mouth there is a red rash, of the animal must be wary of. Perhaps the disease. The cattle were flawed is because one part of the body is missing or damaged. For example horns broken door, broken leg bones.

c. He’s been in compliance with the rule. Several methods can be used to determine the age of cattle are seeing the birth records of livestock, namely by asking the owner, or can be seen from the animal teeth. If milk teeth have been dated (two milk teeth at the front), it indicates that livestock (goats and sheep) were aged around 12-18 months, while cattle about 22 months.

Hopefully this year we sacrificial worship accepted by Allah SWT. Qurban feast day
is a good time to share for others. In the future this difficult, sacrificial worship are expected not only worth a mere ritual, but it is more important than that.

Is our success in maintaining keistiqomah careful to always slaughter selfishness. So that it can live with a sense of genuine and intact to others, forever! Amen.

Benefits Infused Water for Diet & How to Make it

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Benefits infused water to diet and how to make it. Infused water is the term used to describe water that is filled with a variety of fruit juice ..

Because as we know that water is one medium that can help us lose weight and dissolve fat around the abdomen .

Infused water rich in vitamins and minerals of various kinds is another alternative to help you who have difficulty consuming amount of water that do not have a taste.

Benefits-Infused-Water-to-Diet - & - How-Made

Benefits infused water

 These drinks can improve mood, it can remove toxins from our body system, helps the cells secrete and shed fat so it can be to lose weight.

Make food and feces move through the digestive system better so that CHAPTER smoothly.

Keeping the organs in our body become better so that we may also be able to sweat for their content of some spices, can also help recover more quickly after exercise.

Lose weight with water infused done simply by drinking beverages that you made on a regular basis every day of course, with different variations.

Type infused water

There are many types of water infused known are:

  • Strawberry detox water
  • Day spa pineapple, grape fruit and apple water
  • Cooling peach mint water
  • Strawberry lime spritzers
  • Ginger orange fruit infused water
  • Day spa mango ginger water
  • Delicious detox cucumber lemon water
  • Strawberry, orange, and mint fruit infused water
  • Tropical pineapple and orange fruit infused water
  • Rosemary and strawberry detox water
  • Dll

Natural water infused menu options

1. Orange + sage / Rosemery / basil
2. Lemon coriander + lime +
3. Cucumber + lemon + lime + mint or basil leaves
4. Cucumber + watermelon + mint leaves
5. + Apple + carrot + ginger lemon
6. Melon + watermelon + mint leaves

You can own creation diet drinks do you prefer to combine several types of drinks along with spices that exist as well as vegetables.

How to create their own infused water

If you have trouble to find infused water prepackaged specially formulated, you can still create your own. Here is how.

Materials to be provided:


Citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemon, lime or tangerine.

While the berries, you can provide a strawberry, blueberry, blackberry or cherry.

Various types of tropical fruit such as fruit, pomegranate, mango, pineapple, banana, kiwi or star fruit.

While the types of melon, you can provide a watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew.

Other fruit should we provide them is grapes, apples, plums, and peaches if any.


Cucumber, carrot, bell pepper celery leaves.


You can use plain carbonated water or plain water.

Herbs and spices

Can use mint, rose mary, basil, cilantro, or stevia.


From the group of spices you can provide black pepper, cinnamon, and ginger.

Step manufacture:

  • The first step, you first have to pound or squeeze the fruits are there to take on water.Some fruits that have a bitter skin such as citrus fruits should be peeled.
  • Continue with select spices that you like to until finely and extract taken.
  • Finally, add water to the mixture of these fruits.


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Tips, Do not skimp on the overall

Each repair is divided into stages, the most important is not visible at first sight. But they, however, is the most important, because they will keep things visually interesting in the interior. Flooring, walls, wiring prioritize this material, then you can pay an amount much greater for replacement because of the need to go back to the beginning.

Everything that exists inside the walls – an investment that needs to be carefully and thoroughly. Certified cable, pipe quality, well-located outlets and switches – to spend time, and you can not remember them later. And it must be remembered that the development will take longer for the preparation of the wall to repair or painting.

Carefully take the quality of work. Remember that some work would be difficult and costly in the event of re reshuffle.

House renovation

Tips, Installation of tile or ceramic

Given the fashion trends and issues save on repairs, tile can be used partially, and finishing the walls can be solved by painting or wallpaper. And if you use good accentual floor, it is possible to take a cheap ceramic background. By the way, buying ceramics at the store, you can get a free project design of the bathroom or toilet.

Do not always take a lot of expensive decorations, accents can be made inserts, or band, and the remaining space for background tiles of the same. In the bathroom, you can not use it on the wall, it is suitable waterproof paint and wallpaper (see also: wallpaper wall in the kitchen and bathroom are also anti-mosquito anti-oil ). But on the floor tiles needed.

The kitchen can be designed apron accentual, where the tiles are replaced by skinali – glass with a picture of appropriate force. It is only necessary to predict where they will be placed in the kitchen accessory, it is necessary to determine the location of the hole at the time of product order, for tempered glass. Examples for kitchen backsplash decoration with “backsplash kitchen set with tempered glass skinali “

Tips . point ideas

Other tips are highly individualized that it is logical to combine them into a single paragraph.But in the end, all the home renovation ideas generally decreased in 2016 to find out where you can save the budget. This happens due to the replacement of imported materials and attitudes more careful process, from study of the problem comprehensively and final control.

Make a clear schedule of the repair work with the payment deadline and the volume is created. Requesting Professional (foreman) sent a photo report on the work done at least 1-2 times a week, given the possibility you can not be too often check the location directly.

You can do the following in the interior: take one expensive thing on her to emphasize that it once stood. For example, selecting flooring is expensive, but on it to put the cheap stuff. Or make the floor with cheap material, but putting expensive sofa. You can also gather for a departure from the standard interior lighting devices, for example, to make LED backlight lamps. And textiles, always complete the interior.

It could be a serious problem if it interests you renovate a house in a narrow area of dense population, it is not uncommon can cause unexpected additional costs. Project location with access to hard to reach heavy equipment and material delivery vehicles baha building, obviously this is a new problem that arises and can affect your costs further swell budget, especially if it is renovating the house into a terraced house. However, you do not worry too much as possible the following article can help ” Tips renovating houses in the densely populated city dwellers ”


Learn more about building materials and design you want to use in your home improvement – perhaps this can cause you confusion, but you have to spend time and effort to find out what kind of material is best to choose and what design options that are valid for renovation your home. This ensures you that you will know exactly what to buy and that you will accept the consequences. Internet – a great place to do it. Do not rush as you know, great things not to do so is not recommended for serious repair. If you are in a hurry, then hastily you will get less than optimal results, for example arising cracks in ceilings and walls, which will inevitably arise after the works on the expansion hasty.

Ponder and plan

As the period of repairs should draw up a detailed plan of improvement, mark on it the location of all the equipment and furniture. Such an approach would make a decision on the placement of locations including the switch and, most importantly, the socket wall and ceiling lamps, etc. – planting dindng cables under the concrete, troublesome and dusty work.

Also, even before the work should determine the type and size of interior doors, where it will install sanitary equipment, the type of floor, ceiling and finishing dindng. Having considered and after considering all these points, you will be able to identify the stages of repair work and the amount of material that must be purchased.

To Lombok holiday? This Places That Must You Visit part2

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6. Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake

Well, here’s a paradise for hikers or nature lovers. Gili cat fast boat booking mount Rinjani and Segara Anak I sebutin one package, because Segara Anak location is right on the peak of Mount Rinjani. Segara means lake, and Segara Anak water has the same color as the sea kayak. In the middle of the lake Segara Anak there is a small mountain community called it Mount Baru Jari (or if the Indonesian language so new mountain / the new mountain ). For your information, Gunung Rinjani is the highest mountain in Indonesia no.3 with their height of 3726 meters above sea level.

Mount Rinjani

7. Sade Village

Sade village is the village that could be considered me-the-representation of indigenous and tribal cultures Sasak (Lombok native tribes). People in the hamlet of Sade’s do everything possible so as not terkontraminasi Sade village culture modernization. Starting from the shape of the building, customs, arts and dance sasak hands, etc. The uniqueness in terms of building or house in the hamlet of Sade are the basic building material made of wood and thatched bamboo rice. From the traditional , most women in the hamlet of Sade is a weaver of cloth (with typical motifs bouffant).

8. Sendang Gile

There are several waterfalls in the tourist island of Lombok which I think is very fascinating. Sendang Gile is among the most popular and crowded. Waterfall height of around 30m and beneath the small rivers that could create a place to swim or play water, complete with a cool atmosphere + fresh mountain. For the Spring Gile This can be via the Pusuk. Who pulled again, along the lines of Pusuk many monkeys roam that can be photographed-image or dikasi eat nuts / banana

9. Taman Narmada

Narmada Park is located in the village of Lembuak, District Narmada. In general, Narmada Park have facilities such as swimming pools, various parks and several springs flowing. These springs are a direct source of Gunung Rinjani. Communities around calling -mata spring water as a fountain of youth. Bener not know what not, but weve believed to make ageless .Maybe because the water from the mountains so kerasa ngalir cold and Seger. As a result it can make blood circulation smooth and calm heart, so be ageless (if that is inconsequential from my analysis cuman yes pemirsah).

10. Pura Batu Bolong

As the name implies, the temple is a place of worship Hindu nation has a unique shape, which is located on the rock beach hollow center. Building his temple right on the shoreline with the position that juts into the sea. Located not far from Senggigi Beach already in nomor.1 above. Still a long row of beach in Batu Layar. Oiya before entering the temple area of his later the girls would be asked (sorry) of menses or not. Because if so, it seems not to be entered into because it was a place of worship / Hindu holy shrines:)

Okay, it was her 10 sites that I recommend if my friend on holiday to Lombok. If you want more detailed information about specific sites on the island of Lombok can directly request yaa. Hopefully later dibikinin postingannya own fuller plus photographs. Actually, this post is also the result of a request from senior bloggers Mba Nella Beautiful si Benjamin his mother cute son cute. Sorry about mba postingannya bit late because before I wrote the first survey the location of the most visited by tourists hehe.

Additional Info: most of the tourist attractions in the island of Lombok in the form of beach or Gili, because the island is fairly small so around the island of Lombok has been confirmed many beaches. Number of beaches and gili also quite a lot that I can not mention one by one in this post. Lately already emerging new tourist attractions (especially the beach), which previously was not so exposed, but is now beginning visited by tourists due to its attractiveness and beauty. For example, Pink Beach. Pink Beach? Yaps, coastal water and pink sand :). As an overview and list the name of the dyke / other beaches can be found in my post here.

Vegetable Juice Recipes For A Healthy Diet, Lose Weight Fast

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Vegetable juice recipes for a healthy diet, lose weight fast. For those of you that is still struggling with excess weight and the difficulty to lower it by exercising or by reducing carbohydrate foods.

It helps you consume a variety of fruit juices and vegetable juices are healthy and of course could shed fat in the body.

Recipes Vegetable Juices-To-Diet-Healthy, -Fast-Lose-Weight-Agency

Here are some vegetable juice recipes for fat burning diet that you can make every day using vegetables or natural materials.

1. Tomato juice and cucumber

Vegetable-tomato-juice-for-dietThe first one we will try to make vegetable juices such as tomato and cucumber. The ingredients are:

Three and a half cups of chopped tomatoes
Cucumbers diced about 2 cups
1 stalk celery
Half tsp black pepper
Pepper, a quarter teaspoon
Half tsp salt
Ways of making:

Use a juicer, then put all the ingredients that have to be available to be mixed until smooth. Finally, add black pepper, red pepper or cayenne pepper and sea salt.

If you want to make it a little sweeter, you can add one or two tablespoons of honey. The juice is highly suitable for you who want to lose weight quickly.

2. Just cucumber and watercress

Jus-cucumber-for-dietNext we will make the juice for a diet that uses ingredients like watercress, tomatoes, spinach, and others. Some of the materials that have to be available are:

Chopped watercress about one cup
Carrots sized around 2 or 3 pieces
Diced tomatoes about two cups
Spinach already cut about half a cup
Half a cup coriander leaves
One tsp black pepper
One teaspoon salt
How to make, wash and clean the vegetables would you use. Then the vegetables that can be peeled carrots should be peeled like for example and then cut into small pieces before being put into a blender.

Once you put all the ingredients into the blender, blend until smooth and blended. Vegetable juice is suitable taken in the morning.

3. Bits and celery

Juice-fruit-bits-and-celery-for-dietBits contain folic acid about 34%, about 14% of potassium, vitamin C and magnesium 10% 9%. Furthermore this fruit also contains iron, copper, phosphorus, and others.

Beet also contains vitamins B1, B2, and other minerals were very good as well as providing benefits to nourish the body.

Bits is also known as one of the fruits to strengthen the function of blood, strengthen the circulatory system, anemia, digestion and many other benefits.

Here, we will try to make beet juice mixed with celery and spinach.

Some of the materials that have to be available are:
About 4 or 5 celery stalks
Chopped spinach about one cup
Beet that has been cut into small dice
1 bunch cilantro and,
Salt 1 tsp
How to make it:

Put all ingredients into a blender then-lah blender until smooth.

After that, pour the juice into a glass and add a little lemon juice to give a flavor that is more sensitive.

Both celery and beetroot can help remove toxins and other wastes in the body. So it is suitable when consumed by those who are dieting.

4. spinach and apple juice to diet

Jus-spinach-for-healthy-dietSpinach is one of the green leafy vegetables that have very high iron content in addition to a variety of vitamins.

These vegetables are beneficial for maintaining eye health, lose weight, moisturize the skin, strengthen muscles and bones, and can help lower blood pressure.

To make spinach juice mixed with apple and lettuce actually not too difficult. Here is how. First provide some of the following materials:

Area spinach chopped 2 cups
Apples are peeled sized about two or three
1 teaspoon (tsp) lemon juice
Lettuce, or about half a cup of carrots
Pepper, or a quarter teaspoon chili powder (teaspoon)
Salt 1 tsp (teaspoon)
How to make it:

Put all ingredients in a blender except the lime juice. Then run the blender and blend until all ingredients are smooth. Then pour into a glass. Then, insert the lime juice and drink fresh.

5. The juice of parsley and spinach

Spinach chopped about 3 cups
Fresh parsley leaves about half a cup
Lemon, we need only half the pieces only to be squeezed and take water.
Pears two previously peeled and cut in cubes
About 6 stalks celery
Ice cubes if you want to make it more fresh
Ways of making:

The first step, enter parsley, spinach, lemon, pear and celery in a blender.

After a smooth, pour into a glass and enter the ice to make it fresher.

This juice contains about 91 calories, 1 gram of fat, 20 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram protein, 1 gram fiber, 192 mg sodium and 409 mg of potassium.

This juice can meet the needs of 32% of our daily vitamin A requirement. While the amount of vitamin C needs to be fulfilled about 23%.

Toilet supplier lands OC in hot water

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Toilet Cubicle JakartaLONDON: It’s a much ado about a supplier of temporary toilets! Ashish Patel, originally from Anand, Gujarat , furnished these, among other items, for an event at the British monarch’s Buckingham Palace last October to launch the year-long baton relay that will culminate at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi on October 3 next; and is now in the eye of an alleged scam.

There appears to be little doubt that Patel duly provided the goods and services for the function and was paid 247,000 pounds by the Organising Committee of the Games for these, despite there being no formal agreement between the two. The only questions are: did he over-invoice and give kickbacks to any official in the OC?

An official at the Indian High Commission said: ‘If Delhi is carrying out any investigation (to determine the truth), we are unaware of this.’ He reiterated that the mission had not recommended anybody for the job Patel had rendered.

Patel, now a British national , resides and works in Wembley, a north-western suburb of the British capital . He is said to operate two small firms called AM Car Hire and AM Films. Although , according to PTI, he has been debarred by Companies House — registrar of companies in the UK — from being a director in any corporation until 2017. This could be because of non-compliance in terms of submitting annual accounts or something more serious like misappropriation of funds or evasion of taxes.

Patel’s problems began when Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) apparently questioned his claim for a VAT refund connected with the goods and services he supplied for the October occasion attended by among others Queen Elizabeth and President Pratibha Patil. HMRC wrote to the Indian High Commission asking if he had really been hired by the OC.

The High Commission replied it knew nothing about the matter, but forwarded HMRC’s enquiry to the Union Ministry of Sports. Someone, somewhere in Delhi, to the annoyance of the High Commission , leaked this classified letter to media.

In the past, Patel has essentially acted as a local fixer for Bollywood productions, which have been shooting in the UK. He organises equipment, technicians, other manpower, transportation, etc. He also rents out cars to Indian film stars and other personalities when they visit the UK.

The OC has certainly been clumsy in its method of appointing him. Whether it has also been corrupt, perhaps time will. As for Patel, a petty contractor, his unorthdox way of doing business has clearly got him into hot water.

Solid phenolic

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Toilet Cubicle SemarangA solid phenolic worktop laboratory tables are quite popular and we highly recommend. Solid Phenolic resin is a phenolic material that is held together with several layers of HPL with heat and pressure systems tinggi.Bisa seen in the photo below how the arrangement of layers of phenolic.

laboratory tables
Solid Phenolic Composition of Layers

Can be seen in the box to the red line that the phenolic-like sandwich, top and bottom of the decorative sheet, and the center is a black core with a thickness as needed.

Decorative sheet itself can be seen in the box to the left of the blue line that is material Compact High Pressure Laminates consisting of Overlay paper, pattern paper, and Kraft paper. Construction like this is a weakness, that is, from the age of 5-6 years, after which it must be replaced.

The phenolic material available ranging from a thickness of 3 mm to 25 mm. 3-4 mm thick was used to partition the toilet, while the thickness> 6 mm can be used on a table top.
phenolic resin
Solid phenolic

Advantages and Limitations Solid Phenolic::
– Hold corrosive material
– Resistant to many types of acids, bases, mixtures of chemicals, and others
except: 5% nitric acid, chromic acid, hydrofluoric acid and a meeting with 98% sulfuric acid.
– Heat Resistant to 135 ℃, but can not touch the fire directly because immediately left bekar fire.
– Water absorption: 0.6%.
– Sturdy Generally
– Choice of colors that are circulating in Indonesia: White / White, Black / Black, Grey / gray
– Easy to clean
– Tiny pores that are suitable for biological laboratories, research bacteria.

Kamaz Trucks Russia Sign in Indonesia

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Kamaz Trucks Russia Sign in Indonesia – Hino Truck

Russia’s largest truck company, OJSC Kamaz entered Indonesia and market their products in the country, in cooperation with PT Pindad and Tehnika INA. Russian-made Kamaz truck used to transport the weapons system will be assembled in Indonesia.

Variations of Kamaz trucks in the hundreds and transportation such as trucks Kamaz being required by the strategic industries in Indonesia.

President Director of PT Tehnika INA, Panca Tazakka stated, the reason to bring the truck to the country, for the production of Kamaz truck transportation is the best in the world.

“It’s been proven by winning the Paris Dakar Rally 10 times. In fact, in 2014, they won first prize. Truck types of its all-wheel drive is one of the best trucks in the world, “he said.

This year, Tehnika INA and Kamaz will make four types, two types of all-wheel drive and two other types of prime movers, namely the type 6520 (6X4) -dump truck, type 6460 (6X4) -tractor head, type 4326 (4X4) -cargo / passenger, and types 43 118 (6X6) -cargo / passenger.

Not closed to make other types. “Assembly process has started in September 2013 for a kind of 6X6 and 4X4,” said Panca.

The truck can also be formed into a bus that can support the transport wagon pioneer in a location that’s not too good and difficult to pass.

Once there is an agreement with the distributor, the four types of trucks ready for the market in May 2014. “We already have several trucks that are sent directly from St. Petersburg, “he added.

A mining company located in eastern Indonesia is rated as one of the potential buyers. However, it is possible for the buyer in the area of Java, given the image of Russian-made trucks in Indonesia is quite good.

Meanwhile, President Director of OJSC Kamaz, Rafail V. Gafeev, ready to market their products to Indonesia, because seeing a large market share of more than 250 million people.

In Russia, said Rafail, the largest consumer truck it is the Ministry of Defence. However, he called the Kamaz truck variant is also available for the benefit of civil society.

5 Best Cooking Games For PC

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5 game cooking food and beverages for the best and most popular PC / Laptop / Computer Version PapanGame

When talking about one of the genres that are often sought after by children or adults, which this cooking game has its own place in the hearts of gamers who enjoyed the game with the concept of cooking food as well as this Jual game pc

Game cooking or cooking game has its own advantages compared with other concepts, where the game is friendly for all ages and are often favored by female children. And here I through papangame will provide information that may be in need at the moment … which is about the 5 best PC Game Cooking (Part One). Okay with it!

Restaurant Empire
First of all let’s start from the Restaurant Empire, when hearing the name surely you already know that this game is a game of cooking. Yep! So true! In this game you will start with a certain amount of cash for you to use to build a restaurant from the bottom up to the top. You can hire waiters, decorations, and of course cooked meal.
You can employ more than 30 chefs and restaurants can make you more advanced by buying, building, defeat or weaken an enemy. There are more than 200 (two hundred) recipes which can be met in this game with the recipe some secret recipes that can be found. Besides this game also serves a selection of as many as five different types of restaurants.

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Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action!
Game sequel of Cake Mania, Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! The next game is best put that entered into the list this time. In this game you will encounter several new advantages of the previous series as many customers to face a strange, fast action and return to Bakersfield!

Cooking Academy 3: Recipe for Success
Exciting game that offers more than 60 recipes and exams, as well as 50 unique case of a cooking game. Moreover, in this game you can also write your own cookbook youÃ. This game is very interesting outline, where you have to cook and start your own restaurant. You can learn interesting things about the food he gets new skills and mini-games are diverse. Exciting!

Jo’s Dream Organic Coffee 2
Games Jo’s Dream Organic offers some interesting features which you can learn a variety of recipes and make delicious drinks, investment latest modern cooking equipment, hire staff, and earn achievements. Is told in the game that will be invented Coffee Festival in the city, where many owners of famous restaurants as well as “Jo” should win the grand prize. To reach that goal, you have to help Jo to realize these goals.

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Bistro Boulevard
In this game you have to make a simple small restaurant to be a magnificent five-star restaurant. In this game you will disiguhi by way of unique upgrades, and a unique gameplay. In this game you can also hire staff, pick the menu, and decorate your restaurant, and experiment with ingredients to discover new recipes. There are hundreds of decoration options which you can choose to decorate the design of your room.

And Bistro Boulevard before ending the articles 5 Best Cooking Games For PC (Part One) time. Hopefully this article can be useful!